Our Historic Environment Grants are available to property owners, commercial businesses, community groups, and other organisations in Glasgow who want to look after or celebrate our unique historic environment.

What do we fund?

We fund projects which are clearly focused on Glasgow’s built heritage – our historic buildings and places.

Heritage can mean different things to different people. It can be anything from the past that you value and want to pass on to future generations. Our grants programme focusses on  the cultural heritage of places, and is a combination of physical things (tangible) and those aspects we cannot see – stories, traditions and concepts (intangible).

As a guide, this could include:

  • historic buildings, places and environments
  • people’s memories and experiences
  • cultural traditions (for example, stories, festivals, skills)
  • histories of people and communities or places and events

Funded projects have included building repairs, exhibitions, traditional skills training, events, publications, research projects, and community workshops.

Our open programme means you can  apply for capital funding for building repairs and activity costs under one programme, rather than making multiple applications. Take for example the redevelopment of a historic building. The majority of costs would be historic fabric repairs, but alongside this we could contribute to the cost of traditional skills events to learn about the construction and repair of traditional buildings, interpretation of the building and its context for other groups, such as local schools, open days, walking tours and other engagement activities. Alternatively, there can be purely activity-based projects focusing on engagement or training.

How much funding is available?

Grants are offered at the following levels:

Micro Grants (up to £5,000)
Standard Grants (£5,001 to £24,999)
Large Grants (over £25,000, usually to a maximum of £100k)

Grant Priorities

To be eligible for funding, your project must meet at least one of the following six Grant Priorities:

  1. Will your project strengthen the resilience of Glasgow’s historic buildings and places so it is protected and more sustainable?
  2. Will your project increase the quality and availability of traditional skills to help repair and maintain Glasgow’s historic buildings and places?
  3. Will your project use Glasgow’s historic buildings and places to help tackle climate change?
  4. Will your project increase the economic benefits from Glasgow’s historic buildings and places in a sustainable and inclusive way?
  5. Will your project increase people’s understanding of and engagement with Glasgow’s historic buildings and places?
  6. Will your project enhance the use of the historic buildings and places for the people of Glasgow by creating a sense of place and encouraging legacy-building?

For more information on what we can fund and eligibility please read our Guidance Notes. You can read about some previously funded projects in our Past Grant Awards case studies.


Check our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if we’ve already answered it.

We also held a series of workshops on our grants strategy where you can hear from existing and past grantees.

Thinking of applying to us for funding?

Download our guidance notes and fill out our enquiry form to check if you're eligible.

The next deadlines for applications:

Wednesday 17th July 2024
Wednesday 16th October 2024