Meet the Family

Our Gallus Glasgow animation follows the life of a family of five in Glasgow in 1864 – at the time that Thomas Sulman was drawing his beautiful bird’s eye view of the city. Find out more about our family – what they are experiencing, what excites them and what life in Glasgow is like for them.

George’s story

ALL WORK AND NO PLAY He finds his work at the match factory boring and it’s hard to keep his concentration during the long shift, he gets distracted easily. At least he gets a couple of breaks. Most go home to get something to eat but it’s too far for him, so he brings a [...]

Thomas’s story

A HARD DAY’S WORK His work on the dockside is exhausting, especially now he’s not a young man anymore. He’s glad of it though, and will take whatever he can get. Some of his pals are getting past it now, their bodies ruined by the many years of hard toil, or debilitated by injuries acquired [...]

Heather’s story

A WOMAN’S WORK IS NEVER DONE… She’s spent her morning so far getting the household chores done. It’s the best time for it- wee George heads out to the match factory at the crack of dawn, then Thomas and Edward aren’t long behind him, so she does what she can whilst the house is empty. [...]

Elizabeth’s story

ESCAPE TO THE WEST END In the animation Elizabeth, working as a domestic servant for the wealthy Webster family in the West End, wonders at the grandeur of it all as she does the daily shopping. Did she dream of living in one of these homes herself one day?

Edward’s story

A DIFFERENT DIRECTION Another day at the warehouse done. He’s a clerk, so there’s always lots of paperwork to get through and it requires great attention to detail. He’s a conscientious and well-organised individual though, so he enjoys it and the satisfaction he gets when a job is done well. 

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The Map

“I feel like a bird soaring over the city when I gaze upon Sulman’s map, every nook and cranny with every detail so exact.

I can see where I came from and where I’m at.”

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