Communal Repairs

Buildings with a Property Manager (Factor)

Most tenements and jointly owned properties in Glasgow are managed by property managers (factors) whose job it is to ensure good maintenance of the building on behalf of the owners. If you are new to a building contact your property manager and check what arrangements are in place for repairs and maintenance.

Ideally, they should carry out inspections once a year to the property and deal with any repairs and repair payments. But they do need rely on residents to keep an eye out for problems and to report them as soon as they are spotted.

The standard fees will not normally cover repairs. The property managers will notify residents of any repairs and bill each owner individually.

Later this year, all property managers will be required to register their services and follow a new “Code of Conduct” in order to operate. If you feel your property manager is not carrying out their duties responsibly you should contact the Property Managers Association for Scotland.

Buildings without a Property Manager (Factor)

If the property is in need of repairs and you do not have a property manager you will need to discuss the best way forward with your neighbours.

If there is a lot of work to do it would be best to obtain professional advice; although this will cost money, they will be able to oversee repairs and ensure the work is carried out to the right standard. See Finding the right people.

They may also be able to advise you on the best way to collect each owner’s share before any work is instructed.

You may also wish to set up an “owners account” into which money is paid for repairs. One way to work together effectively is to form an Owners Association.