Looking Up


In Glasgow, some of the most striking features of our historic buildings go unnoticed much of the time, situated well above our heads, outside our line of vision. As part of this project, pupils from four Glasgow schools, Hyndland Secondary, St Aloysius’ Academy, St Mungo’s Academy and Shawlands Academy, took time out to look up, and discovered elements of our built heritage that are normally just out of view. Their photographs capture some of the details that make the city fabric so unique.

The Project

The Looking Up Photographic Project involved pupils from four schools across Glasgow getting out and about amongst the built heritage around their schools and ‘looking up’. They used photography to record interesting details and new perspectives noticed. Historic ironwork, street furniture, old signage, public sculpture and intricate features of the buildings themselves came to life in new ways. Three photographs from each school were chosen to go on display in a public exhibition at Glasgow City Heritage Trust.

We would like to thank:

  • All the pupils and staff who took part in the project
  • Lesley Dunlop, Glasgow City Council

Looking Up Project Co-ordinator: Helen Kendrick, Glasgow City Heritage Trust.