Lecture: Unbuilt Glasgow – The History & Impact of the Bruce Report, Fergus Sutherland & David Martin

Wednesday 15th March 2017 | 6pm | 54 Bell Street

Imagine Glasgow without some of it’s most treasured buildings: Glasgow School of Art, Central Station, the City Chambers…unthinkable isn’t it? Yet these are just a few of the buildings earmarked for demolition by the infamous Bruce Report. 

The Bruce Report refers to the First Planning Report to the Highways and Planning Committee of the Corporation of the City of Glasgow published in March 1945 and written by Robert Bruce, Glasgow Corporation Engineer at the time. The Report, which proposed the uncompromising demolition and rebuilding of most of Glasgow’s city centre, still fascinates with its far-reaching and futuristic alternative vision for Glasgow in the post-war years and it influenced an intensive programme of regeneration and rebuilding efforts which took place in the city and surroundings from the mid-1950s until the late 1970s.

In what promises to be a compelling evening talk, Fergus Sutherland will explore the history of the Bruce Report, before David Martin talks of his personal experience of the impact of the Report, from studying architecture in an era of Modernist ideals to pushing an alternative conservationist agenda at Glasgow Corporation in the 1970s and 80s.

Fergus Sutherland is a highly experienced researcher and interpreter with over 20 years experience in archaeological and historical research and in developing interpretation strategies and activity plans for the heritage sector. Fergus graduated with honours in Archaeology from the University of Glasgow in 1984.

David Martin MBE is an architect and historian who worked for 20 years as a Building Conservation Officer for Glasgow City Council and its predecessors. He took early retirement in 1999 and now spends his time teaching, doing voluntary work and writing books. He was awarded an MBE for “Services to the Conservation of the Built Environment” in 2002.