Case Study: Glass Stories

Address: Jangling Space, Shawlands Arcade, Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow
Type of project: Outreach / Education project
Grantee: Jangling Space
GCHT Grant offered: £4,200

In 2018 Glasgow City Heritage Trust grant aided Jangling Space, a cooperative based in the Southside of Glasgow, the sum of £4200 to create a trail of SouthSide’s hidden glass, brining a variety of stained glass pieces to life by researching their stories and locations.

Jangling Space, situated in Shawlands, is a cooperative workspace that offers free workshops to learn traditional skills, their first product being leaded stained glass.

The SouthSide community was directly involved in the process of investigating and sharing information about stories and people linked to the area’s stained glass pieces, in an effort to connect communities with their past, reminiscence and storytelling.

Glass Stories shared details of their findings  with Scottish Stained Glass Trust an online stained glass archive, contributing to the population of their data.

Some of the main achievements of this project were the creation of three different guided walks and the publication of a pocket sized booklet that includes a map version of the trail, high quality pictures and information about various pieces.

The booklet is available for free at different locations around Glasgow and it is downloadable for free on the Jangling Space website.

Jangling Space