Workshop 1: Building Repair & Traditional Skills Grants

Between September 2020 and March 2021, GCHT ran a series of workshops which offered a step by step guide to applying for our grants. Each event featured a short presentation focused on eligibility and the application process, followed by two guest speakers who spoke about past projects. Speakers included a range of past grantees as well as GCHT Officers. Each workshop ended with a Q&A session and general discussion. 

Recorded 10th December 2020.


Building Repair Grant: Colin Baillie, Baillie Baillie Architects
Traditional Skills Grant: Gemma Park, GCHT Traditional Skills Officer

During this event we explored our Building Repair Grant with architect Colin Baillie who, together with the other building owners, managed to secure a grant to repair the gable end of their tenement, which had been damaged by inappropriate remedial work in the past.

Colin explained: “One of the most difficult aspects of maintaining a tenement building is generating enough support from co-owners to be able to take action. With 12 occupiers in the building we were a little daunted by this at first. I would encourage others to start talking to neighbours about the issues in a constructive way. Organise a get together and make a plan. It’s surprising and encouraging to discover how receptive others may be.”

Our second speaker was GCHT Traditional Skills Officer Gemma Park, who highlighted two grants: one involving a traditional shopfront and sign writing for a bridal shop, and the other focusing on the construction of a traditional early 20th century dinghy at the Tall Ship. Gemma also talked about the Continuing Professional Development events she organises at GCHT.

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