Will Knight’s ‘Knight Map of Glasgow’ and Thomas Sulman’s ‘Birdseye View of Glasgow’


Get both Will Knight’s ‘Knight Map of Glasgow’ (usually £75) and Thomas Sulman’s ‘Birdseye View of Glasgow’ (usually £50) for a special price of £100

Colour reproduction print of ‘The Knight Map’, 2022, Will Knight

A colour reproduction print of Will Knight’s ‘Knight Map of Glasgow’, commissioned by Glasgow City Heritage Trust and inspired by Thomas Sulman’s 1864 ‘Birds Eye View of Glasgow’. Looking north from the Southside of the Clyde, it is an incredibly detailed snapshot of modern day Glasgow.

Will studied Architecture at the Glasgow School of Art, and this training has informed his approach to understanding the dynamic relationship between people and place. He has spent the last ten years observing, recording and interpreting Glasgow’s built environment – from the celebrated work of Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson to the ubiquitous tiled tenement close; from some of the city’s cherished eateries to the scratch bakery and local newsagent.  Every subject is explored through measurement and drawn by hand, elevating everyday buildings so that they are revealed afresh.

Full size reproduction print of ‘Bird’s Eye View of Glasgow’, 1864, Thomas Sulman

You will also receive a spectacular reproduction panoramic print showing a Bird’s Eye View of the City of Glasgow in 1864 taken from a drawing by Thomas Sulman (1834-1900) and published in 1864 as a supplement to The Illustrated London News. This example was expertly hand coloured. Reproduced from Glasgow City Heritage Trust’s original copy of the map and digitally restored. Printed on high quality 170gsm uncoated paper.

Sulman studied at The Working Men’s College between 1854 and 1858, where he was a student of, and later an engraver for, Dante Gabriel Rossetti; he was influenced by the positivist thinkers at the college. He became a specialist in using balloons to produce birds-eye views of cities including London, Oxford, Glasgow and New York City. These views, as hand-coloured engravings produced with the help of London engraver Robert Loudan Sr., were featured in The Illustrated London News from the 1860s, and were sometimes produced to a fold-out six foot length.


The Sulman panoramic prints were bound in and folded in several places in order to fit within the newspaper size and while this reproduction has been restored digitally imperfections may exist. An outstanding display piece once mounted and framed.

Overall size of both prints is 100cm x 48cm with large margins, perfect for mounting and will look spectacular once framed

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