The Knight Map: An Artist’s Process (In Person Talk)


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Join artist Will Knight to hear about the process for creating this incredible new map of Glasgow. Find out about the inspiration for the project as well as the techniques Will used in order to create the final work – tracing and updating Thomas Sulman’s 1864 Bird’s Eye View of Glasgow. Each working drawing is a step towards the final artwork, but the construction of each layer was thought out and planned with a rigorous process for creating each one.

Will studied Architecture at the Glasgow School of Art, and this training has informed his approach to understanding the dynamic relationship between people and place. He has spent the last ten years observing, recording and interpreting Glasgow’s built environment – from the celebrated work of Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson to the ubiquitous tiled tenement close; from some of the city’s cherished eateries to the scratch bakery and local newsagent.  Every subject is explored through measurement and drawn by hand, elevating everyday buildings so that they are revealed afresh.