Recorded Talk: Maps, Myths & Misrepresentations




Not so long ago, the lofty peaks of the Benchichins Mountains could be seen between Angus and Deeside… or could they? At a stroke, these mountains that had been there for centuries were mercilessly obliterated in the hands of mapmakers. 

In this fully illustrated talk, Map Curator Chris Fleet looks at various other things on maps that might never have been really out there, as well as how maps lie, distort the truth and miss things out. How far should we trust the map, and is this a good idea?

Christopher Fleet is Map Curator at the National Library of Scotland, where he has worked since 1994. His main focus has been on digital mapping and the NLS Map Images website. He has actively researched historic maps and digital technologies, and is the co-author of Scotland: Mapping the Nation (2011) and Edinburgh: Mapping the City (2014).

This event was recorded in front of a virtual audience via Zoom on 12th January 2022.

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