Case Study: Maryhill Museum

Address: Maryhill Burgh Halls, Garbraid Avenue, Glasgow
Type of project: Outreach / Education project
Grantee: Maryhill Burgh Halls Trust
GCHT Grant offered: £5,000

In 2019, Glasgow City Heritage Trust grant aided the sum of £5,000 to Maryhill Burgh Hall Trust to assist them with the creation of the Maryhill Museum.

Maryhill Burgh Halls Trust (MBHT) was established in 2004 as an independent, registered charity, famously home to eleven stained glass panels which represent the trades and industries of historic Maryhill. The scope of the project was the creation of a museum that celebrates the built and intangible heritage of the area encouraging locals to engage with its history through artefacts, interpretation, workshops, walks, tours and cycles.

The Maryhill Museum project successfully created a community events programme, guided and self guided walks and workshops.

The Trust created five different walking trail routes; the routes can be found as PDFs on the Maryhill Burgh Hall website, or as physical copies at different locations.

The Halls hosted a series of exhibitions co-curated by the community and the “Talking Maryhill Series” a series of talks hosted by staff and volunteers.

GCHT’s grant also contributed to the marketing of various events and with the acquisition of material employed to safely store and display the existing collection.

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