Case Study: Barras100

Address: Gallowgate, Glasgow
Type of project: Outreach / Education project
Grantee: Articulate Cultural Trust
GCHT Grant offered: £9,500

In 2020, Glasgow City Heritage Trust grant aided the sum of £9,500 to Articulate Cultural Trust to support the Barras100 project. 

Barras100 was a year-long, arts and heritage programme, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of The Barras market.

In 1921, the story goes, an astute businesswoman by the name of Margaret ‘Maggie’ McIver created a safe place for people to trade from their barrows in Calton, in the East End of Glasgow. What started off as a minimal outdoor trading post for a few locals would become the world-famous Barras market. More than a shopping centre, the market was a thriving entertainment hub, a meeting place, the beating and banter filled heart of the Glaswegian community.

The programme included exhibitions, story gathering events, public talks and a host of creative activities for young people: filmmaking, creative writing, illustration, drama and performance, song writing and opportunities to test out entrepreneurial skills in The Barras market.

Enjoy this short documentary filmed, directed and edited by Sophie Mckenzie, Niamh Breslin and Wiktoria Matysiak, young people from the Articulate Cultural Trust, who worked with the team to capture local people’s memories and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the market.

Read the Barras100 Evaluation Report

This is a great example of the kind of evaluation report we are looking for from grantees. It clearly sets out what was achieved, the impact that the project had and any challenges and learning along the way.

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