Alf Webster: G(l)azing into the world of Stained Glass Conservation, Meredith Macbeth

G(l)azing into the world of Stained Glass Conservation, will give an introduction to the method and techniques behind the conservation and restoration of 19 & 20th century stained glass. A review of the present stained glass conservation field will be discussed, as will future hopes be considered in order for Scotland to preserve its own unique stained glass heritage.

Meredith Macbeth is a self employed stained/leaded glass maker and conservator based outside of Edinburgh. Her Master’s degree from the University of Lincoln studied the Conservation of Historic Objects and after working for several years in stone and architectural
conservation, she was drawn to the world of stained glass where conservation and craft are so closely entwined. Meredith has worked in several stained glass studios in the United States along with completing an internship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Meredith currently works with the Scottish Stained Glass Symposium and Trust, which is undertaking the mammoth task of recording all Scottish stained glass and developing their online database.