The Authentic Public House

As a fundamental part of British life, it is essential that the familiar image of the public house does not vanish from our high streets. Although it is important for traditional pubs to maintain a sense of historical authenticity, there is also a need for some aspects to be modernised, in order to continue to attract new customers. Large windows are a relatively new feature used to make pubs seem more inviting to passers-by, whilst the reflective properties of the glass provide a comfortable level of privacy.

Nowadays, commercial pressures regularly necessitate the use of branded advertisements outside, but pubs wishing to preserve their historical heritage present their products in a way that is much more sympathetic to the local surroundings, such as The Lismore, pictured right second. Here, the timber panelling is reminiscent of an oak whisky barrel in profile, and a glimpse of the stained glass panels invites the prospective customer to experience them from the inside.

All images © Lilija Oblecova 2012.