Tenement: An Architectural History

October 25th-December 5th 

54 Bell Street, G1 1LQ

Open 10am-5pm 

Free Entrance 

The Tenement defines Glasgow as both a representation of the city’s architectural and its social history. This exhibition will explore the changing history of the tenement as an architectural typology, examining its relationship with the changing lifestyles and social history of the city.

Through a set of architectural drawings from original research by Architect John Joseph Burns the exhibition will present an engaging visual history of the development of the tenement. The use of traditional architectural drawings such as plan, section & elevation as well exploded axonometrics will detail key tenement types from Glasgow’s past. Through this visitors will be able to see the history of tenement architecture in a new and original way.

The ‘Tenement: An Architectural History’ Exhibition was granted-aided by a Heritage Grant from Glasgow City Heritage Trust. Thanks also go to the Creative Scotland, Glasgow Institute of Architects & the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain for also contributing to the staging of the exhibition.