Talk: Meet the Makers – Traditional Craftsmanship in the Modern World

Tuesday 2nd July 2019 | 6pm | 54 Bell Street, Glasgow

Think masters, journeymen, and travelling apprentices in ancient crafts are a thing of the past? Welcome to the world of the French Compagnons, an ancient traditional still very much alive… And we’ve brought them to Glasgow!

Traditional travelling apprenticeships are still very much alive, with thousands of craftspeople travelling around Europe every year honing and sharing their skills. In France they are called compagnons, an ancient tradition that still produces master craftspeople who make art, furniture, and buildings we use and cherish.

Glasgow City Heritage Trust is pleased to welcome three traditional craftspeople in the French compagnon tradition, who will speak to us about craft, tradition, and the unbelievable journey taken in the pursuit of craft mastery. This event, for enthusiasts as well as students and craftspeople, aims to inspire enthusiasm for studying and honing traditional building crafts.

Fabio Bianchi is a journeyman carpenter who, through a project with GCHT, has just completed his journeyman assessment. His practical journeyman-piece table, the new centrepiece of our Community Room, will be on display.

Florent Chevereuil is a master carpenter who settled in Scotland and uses his workshop, Ecosse Bespoke Joinery, to host and train travelling compagnon apprentices.

Fabrice Gillier is a coppersmith trained in the traditional compagnon, who uses his experience and expertise to educate others about taking the journey.

This event is free to attend, including light refreshment, and donations are always greatly appreciated!


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