Tenement: An Architectural History, by John Joseph Burns


The Tenement defines Glasgow as both a representation of the city’s architectural and its social history. This book explores the changing history of the tenement as an architectural typology, examining its relationship with the changing lifestyles and social history of the city.

To accompany the ‘Tenement: An Architectural History’ Exhibition at GCHT, Architect John Joseph Burns presenting his research into the history & development of the Glasgow Tenement as an architectural typology which defines the city. The research spans from the formations of city through to contemporary examples, exploring the links between architectural design and social change in Glasgow’s history.

This publication explores key tenement types throughout time, analysing their architectural design, qualities & place within the wider urban development of the city. This original research presents a set of tenement types which represent the changing architecture of this everyday typology through engaging architectural drawings alongside historic photographs and maps.

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