Recorded Talk: Gruesome Glasgow




Dr Pritchard, How’s your wife?
Very well upon my life.
Can she eat a piece of pie?
Yes she can, as well as I. 
Join Judith Bowers as she tells the tale of Doctor Edward William Pritchard, the Human Crocodile. The last man to be publicly hanged in the city for poisoning not just his wife, but his mother-in-law as well.  A doctor who had more pregnant patients than any other doctor in Scotland.  A man so vain he handed photographs of himself to ladies at his own execution.
You cannot miss the sensational tale of “The Human Crocodile”!
Judith Bowers enjoyed English and Drama at school. Her stories always got A’s and because of her natural confidence, she was never off the stage. Then, aged 16 whilst on a YOP scheme Judith met an archaeologist and fell in love with archaeology. Since then, her life has been a combination of writing, history and performance whether it’s writing books, scripts, taking ghost tours or bus tours, contributing to the odd telly programme or working in Britannia Panopticon, the world’s oldest surviving music hall. Judith has even been Jimmy Krankies dresser! Somehow all of her loves have come together for a fun filled and diverse career.

This event was recorded in front of a virtual audience via Zoom on 20th October 2021.

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