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Thank you for contributing to our podcast, we are looking forward to reading your answers! By sharing your thoughts and memories with us, you are helping us  to make  “If Glasgow’s Walls Could Talk” more interesting and inclusive, and a real mirror of Glasgow’s diverse communities.

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George’s story

ALL WORK AND NO PLAY He finds his work at the match factory boring and it’s hard to keep his concentration during the long shift, he gets distracted easily. At least he gets a couple of breaks. Most go home to get something to eat but it’s too far for him, so he brings a [...]

Thomas’s story

A HARD DAY’S WORK His work on the dockside is exhausting, especially now he’s not a young man anymore. He’s glad of it though, and will take whatever he can get. Some of his pals are getting past it now, their bodies ruined by the many years of hard toil, or debilitated by injuries acquired [...]

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Interested in writing for GCHT? We’re opening up a call for blog articles for our Gallus Glasgow project!

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