EXHIBITION: Lost Glasgow – More than Just Memories

Since launching in 2014, the Lost Glasgow Facebook page has attracted a 135k-strong global following. The site, which uses archive photographs to spark stories, memories, and debate about the city,  its buildings, its people, and its ever-evolving history and future, was launched off the back of the successful Lost Edinburgh site.

In the summer of 2017 Glasgow City Heritage Trust teamed up with Lost Glasgow, to present an exhibition devoted to the documentation, discussion and appreciation of Glasgow’s changing architecture and its community throughout the last few centuries.

The exhibition covers everything from the majestic to the mundane, from the city’s great buildings to its more humble corners, from the tenement to the townhouse, from the great and the good, to the ‘common old workin’ man (and woman). The bottom line is, we love Glasgow, and the tales of our city. And everybody in Glasgow loves to hear a good story.

Folk were invited to join in, be a curator and rearrange our exhibition, then leave us a comment about the pictures they connected with the most.

A day in the life of the exhibition!

This exhibition is currently not on show. It is being transformed into two handling boxes with artefacts and activities for all ages.

More information is coming soon! 

We would like to thank The Glasgow Herald/Evening Times, The Daily Record, The Scotsman, and Lost Glasgow’s many site fans for opening their picture archives to us. Without their kind co-operation, these images – and memories – would have remained lost and buried…

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