Live Build: Creating Victorian Mosaics

Mon 2nd September – Wed 4th September 2019 | 10am-4pm | 54 Bell Street

Take place in an actual restoration project by cutting and assembling the High Street Victorian mosaics!

Join us at our offices for a unique chance to learn by doing: After a sad loss of many original mosaic entryways along the High Street, they are now being rebuilt and reinstated – it’s all happening here, and we need your help to do it!

Over the course of three days, the original mosaic schemes are being reassembled and recreated in our shopfront, and we want you to come help and learn. The work is being led by Darren McLean of Timber and Lime Conservation, an experienced conservator and teacher, who for three days will be guiding participants through the process of cutting, piecing, and patterning the historic tiles.

If you come by our offices between 10-4, you will have a chance to:

  • See Darren in action, while he talks to you about the history and process of what he’s recreating
  • Learn how to cut and piece tiles together as part of the actual restoration project
  • Use and cut tiles to assemble your own small mosaic as a take-home piece

Registration is not required – just drop on by between 10am and 4pm on Monday Sept 2nd, through Wednesday Sept 4th. Come for as long or a short as you like, and guaranteed you’ll find something to learn to and interest you.

While all are welcome to come and watch the process and engage with Darren, the cutting and tiling activities are suitable for ages 14 and up only. However, help from parents can enable younger children to engage with the materials and activities. All are welcome.