Glasgow’s Historic Environment Scoping Study: Invitation to Tender

Deadline: 12 noon, Monday 22nd January 2018

Glasgow City Heritage Trust (GCHT) wishes to engage a suitable professional to conduct a study into the state of Glasgow’s built environment and the landscape of organisations and community groups involved in the sector within Glasgow. This study would form the framework and supporting background documentation for an event in Spring 2018  which would challenge attendees to consider: what do we need to do together to improve the state of the city’s built heritage? The final document would inform GCHT’s strategic direction and would also be disseminated online to anyone with an interest, allowing them to evidence and develop their own activities in the sector. This study will suit a variety of professionals and the Trust is flexible in the appointment of this contract.

Glasgow City Heritage Trust is an independent charity supported by Glasgow City Council and Historic Environment Scotland. Established in 2007, we have a clear mission whereby “through our conservation grants programmes people will enjoy, understand and care for Glasgow’s historic built environment and will be able to access funding and expertise which will ensure the sustainability of the City’s heritage for current and future generations”.

Over the past 11 years GCHT has awarded £10.5 million in grant aid to 576 properties (levering £87 million from other sources); helped over 1,600 people and organisations restore or repair Glasgow’s historic buildings; awarded £380,000 in educational heritage grants, which have assisted 132 heritage organisations to develop education projects; held 156 lectures and talks, 40 lunchtime training sessions, 15 workshops, 28 exhibitions and three conferences, published three books and run 20 photographic competitions for Glasgow schoolchildren.

Aims of the study

  • To result in the production of a comprehensive audit and a database of contacts and stakeholders who operate in the historic built environment in Glasgow
  • To result in the creation of a body of statistical and supporting background information for dissemination and display at the Forum event
  • To set the framework and provide practical support for the Trust’s Historic Environment Forum event.
  • To result in a report which can be disseminated online.
  • To inform GCHT’s strategic direction.
  • To inform the wider heritage community in Glasgow and beyond about the current context and opportunities and priorities for the future

Please see the attached Tender documents for further information.

Download: Invitation to Tender

Further information can be provided or an informal telephone discussion can be arranged with:

Gemma Wild, Heritage Outreach Officer
0141 552 1331


Additional information and Q&A

The Trust is developing a list of invitees to the Forum event planned for April 2018. This list of individuals and organisations will form the core group of consultees with whom we’d like to engage in advance of the event.

The background and supporting information generated by this study will set the framework for our Forum event, allowing invitees to set the agenda in a structured way. There is an ambition to make this an annual event led by GCHT – an opportunity to take stock of progress and set out priorities and actions for the future.

Does GCHT already have a bank of data on the historic built environment in Glasgow that could assist with establishing “statistical and background information for the area”? 

We don’t currently have that information, however we know that Historic Environment Scotland holds data on the designated heritage assets in Glasgow and Glasgow City Council also holds data on the built environment and land use in Glasgow, which they have been able to share with us in the past. So we anticipate that this information already exists, and it will be a case of finding it, collating it and drawing out key information to support the Forum event.

Does an allowance have to be made for graphic design of the report or do GCHT have a preferred contractor for graphic design?

The Trust is not asking for graphic design to be included at this stage.

Is the output envisioned as a single report for GCHT and the wider public, or is the anticipation that there will be a more detailed report that will inform GCHT’s strategic direction – and potentially include more candid observations on groups – and one that will be made available online?

That will depend on the findings of the study and if any sensitive information is provided which can’t be made public.

Whilst we understand that a specific individual must be allocated for the delivery project, is it acceptable to also include CVs / examples of work from those that will review and feed into the report on a regular basis? 

We are requesting a named individual to carry out the project, who will be based in our office one day a week to provide practical support to organise the Forum event. However we recognise that other team members may contribute to the overall study and you should include details of all key individuals who you anticipate will work on the report.