Glasgow Historic Environment: A Snapshot – 2019

Ever wondered which buildings in your neighbourhood are listed, or even on Scotland’s Buildings at Risk Register?

In April 2018 we held a Forum event which explored what we need to do, together, to improve the state of Glasgow’s heritage.

Following that event, we’ve created a new page on our website containing facts, figures and data collated between February and April 2018, and a downloadable version of the final report from the event. Together these give a snapshot of the current state of Glasgow’s historic built environment. As of April 2019 the map and report have been updated to reflect any changes since 2018, further data points and a second Forum which was held in March 2019.

A huge amount of information already exists, collected at different scales and times and kept in different places by different people. This page brings some of that information together into one place, and drills down to give an idea of what’s going on in Glasgow.

Click the map to explore the data and map.