City Portals: A Heritage Project for Schools

Where will your portal take you?

In Glasgow, some of the most striking features of our built environment often go unnoticed due to their structural function. Entrances, including doorways, archways and gateways, are not normally recognised for their aesthetic qualities but pupils from four Glasgow secondary schools, Hyndland Secondary, loch end Community High School, St. Mungo’s Academy and St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, were sent out on a mission to photograph entrances in a unique and striking way!

The basic brief was used as springboard to help the participants to improve their photographic skills, while actively engaging with their environment. The pupils were encouraged to focus on the form and shape of different entrances, and to look out for specific details and features. Three photographs from each school were chosen to go on display in a public exhibition at Glasgow City Heritage Trust.

The Project took place from May to June 2014 with the winning images being exhibited from October to December 2014.