Case Study: Garnethill Bread Oven

Address: Garnethill Park, Glasgow
Type of project: Outreach / Educational project
Grantee: Friends of Garnethill Greenspaces (FROGGS)
Number of owners: 1
GCHT Grant offered: £779.51
Total project costs: £-

In 2017, Glasgow City Heritage Trust grant aided Friends of Garnethill Green Sapces (FRoGGS) the amount of £779.51 for the construction of a bread oven in Garnethill Park. Garnethill Bread Oven was an initiative to build and regularly operate a traditional wood fired  bread oven in Garntehill Park for the use of the local community.

The project aimed to empower the local community to gather together around the ancient practice of wood fired bread making and to provide learning opportunities for traditional building skills through its construction. A number of participatory workshops were held involving a group of thirty volunteers to build the oven and engaged a diverse range of individuals from the local and wider community.

Once the oven was built, a training session was held in January 2019 for people to learn ow to safely light the fire, keep to burning, check temperature for baking, prepare the wood, make chopping block and use tools. The first firing of the oven, was a huge success with over sixty people participating and many bringing dough to bake pizza and bread.

Garnethill bread oven continues to be an established local asset, with a programme of regular firing gatherings and community events.